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Information about the lives and death of dwarves

Counting Dwarves

Some weeks ago I asked everyone to throw some interesting Dwarven questions my way while my PC was in the shop… and to my absolute delight I received quite a few.  The following outstanding question came via email from Samir: … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of Durin

As my regular PC is in the shop, the neo-khuzdul translations I was working on grinded to a sudden halt.  Though I had made a backup of most of the documents I was working on, some of the files are … Continue reading

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“Who’s the Bride ?” – Dwarven Marriage

Updated: August 4th 2015 (Added DS Neo-Khuzdul translations) My thanks to Merrydew that gave me the idea to look into this topic almost a year ago. —– As we know Tolkien provides very little information with regard to the customs … Continue reading

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A good topic, left untouched for the most part by Tolkien. We can however, when we dig deeper into some Tolkien lines and appendices get a bit of a clearer picture. What is known about Dwarven beliefs of death and … Continue reading

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About dwarven women and children

Yes, we know, dwarven women have beards… but let’s take the next step and dig a bit deeper. Without a doubt this topic is draped in mistery… still, here at the Dwarrow Scholar we’ll let you in on our thoughts. … Continue reading

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The Age of Dwarves

One of the first things I noticed when looking into this topic is that there seem to be 5 important “age-marks” in a dwarven life.   BATTLE READY (30) The first at the age of 30, when dwarves are considered … Continue reading

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Naming Conventions

“Thorin son of Thrain son of Thror King under the Mountain!” said the dwarf in a loud voice, and he looked it, in spite of his torn clothes and draggled hood.” – The Hobbit Chapter 10 A Warm Welcome. It … Continue reading

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