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Queen Dís ? (Dwarven Customs of Succession)

Some time ago I asked everyone to send me any question you might have concerning the Dwarves. As a result I got a wonderful collection of questions, of which I have already attempted to answer some in previous blog posts. One … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of Durin

As my regular PC is in the shop, the neo-khuzdul translations I was working on grinded to a sudden halt.  Though I had made a backup of most of the documents I was working on, some of the files are … Continue reading

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Gimli, Lord of the Glittering Caves

Gimli, most of us know and love him from the movies, as played by John Rhys-Davies. Unfortunately Gimli’s character in the LoTR movies was used almost entirely as raw comic relief, which in my mind was logical perhaps, but a … Continue reading

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