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All information about the history of the dwarves.

Delving the Dwarrowdelf

When the fellowship journeys through the long dark of Moria they at one point arrive at one of the Great Halls of Khazad-dûm.  This is where Gimli sings to the fellowship of Durin and the Dwarrowdelf (changed to Gandalf briefly … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of Durin

As my regular PC is in the shop, the neo-khuzdul translations I was working on grinded to a sudden halt.  Though I had made a backup of most of the documents I was working on, some of the files are … Continue reading

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Baruk khazâd !… so, now what do we do ? (Dwarven Battle Tactics)

Tolkiens’ works give us only a few clues about dwarven battle tactics, as he has written mainly about battles where dwarves joined forces with other races – in which case they might not use their traditional military deployments during battle. … Continue reading

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All about the Petty Dwarves

Those not familiar with Petty dwarves.. these were dwarves very much differed from normal Dwarves in various ways: they were smaller, far more unsociable, and they freely gave away their names; other Dwarves kept their Khuzdûl names and language a … Continue reading

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