General Documents

In this section you will find general documentation related to the Dwarves.


5 Responses to General Documents

  1. David says:

    I noticed a lot of these names include letters that are not in your current Khuzdul alphabet, such as ā€œpā€ and ā€œvā€. This strikes me as odd, since that makes them extremely difficult, if not impossible, to write in cirth. How would this be worked around?


    • I think I should clarify that the letters in the (neo-)Khuzdul alphabet document are used for words native to the language itself. These names, of Northman (Old Norse) origin, would use other characters seen in Angerthas Dearon.


      • David says:

        Ah, I understand. Would it be possible to include these runes in the alphabet document and the Memrise lesson, like you do with the unused combined runes (such as “nj” and “ks”)?


      • The combination runes are used though, the Erebor typical ones only in Angerthas Erebor. I did not include other runes in the alphabet, but indeed could. I’ll put in on a note to update in the weeks to come.


  2. It took a while David, but I updated the document and it now contains the info you requested too. Cheers


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