Documents & Dictionaries

Last Major Update August 27th 2015.

Last Minor Update: —

*Important Note on File Sizes:  The two full dictionaries linked here below are very large .pdf files (over100MB each) and as such might be very challenging to work with for some computers. For this reason a compressed version of these has been made available (4 pages per page), that makes searching for content easier and faster.

Alternatively you can download the Neo-Khuzdul Translation Tool (in MS Excel).  This tool allows the user to translate lines from English into Neo-Khuzdul, including phonetic and cirth script. Further info on this tool can be found HERE.

E-K CoverThe Dwarrow Scholar – DICTIONARY – English~Neo-Khuzdul

The Dwarrow Scholar – DICTIONARY – English~Neo-Khuzdul – COMPRESSED*

K-E Cover

The Dwarrow Scholar – DICTIONARY – Neo-Khuzdul~English

The Dwarrow Scholar – DICTIONARY – Neo-Khuzdul~English – COMPRESSED*

Support Documents Cover

The Dwarrow Scholar – Combined Support Documents

Separate Support Documents:

1    Personal Pronouns (Updated)
2    Verb Stems and Tenses (Updated)
3    Verb Forms  (Updated)
4    Noun Types (3 Radical) (Updated)
5    Genitive Rule (Updated)
6    Tastes/Flavours 
7    Negation and Affirmation (Updated)
8    Numbers
9    Interjections
10    Conjunctions (Updated)
11    Conjunctive Adverbs
12    Caret
13    Schwa
14    Crasis (Updated)
15    Gemination
16    Stress
17    Article
18    To Be – To Have (Updated)
19    Time
20    Elative – Sublative
21    -ul or ‘-u (Updated)
22    Compounds 
23    Noun States 
24    Borrowed Words 
25    Varieties of Khuzdul
26    Alphabet
27    Lesson Plan (Updated)
28    Calendar Information 
29    Calendar Overview
30    Measuring Units (Updated)
31    Measuring Weights (Updated)
32    Measuring Volume (Updated)
33    Idioms and Expressions (Updated)
34    Radical Index (Updated)
35    Parts of the Body (Updated)
36    Adverbs  
37    Perfect and Imperfect
38    Imperative and Jussive (Updated)
39    Seasons and Feasts (Updated)
40 Place Names
41 Sentences (Updated)
42 Forms of Politeness (Updated)
43 Adjective Types (NEW)
44 Interrogative Words (NEW)
45 Insults (NEW)

Extra – I see fire (Ed Sheeran) – Neo-Khuzdul Translation

The Dwarrow Scholar – Video Lesson –  Level 1 – Grade 1 – Lesson 1 – Full Transcript

The Dwarrow Scholar – Video Lesson –  Level 1 – Grade 1 – Lesson 2 – Full Transcript

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  1. Hello!

    That isnt my website I only help them with my translations, and with my writings this is a roleplaying website DnD, DnD3…
    So in the past I started my khuzdul dictionary, collected words, from the film, and from the net. I maked a rudimentary khuzdul hungarian dictionary, but I searched another one what can dismiss my dictionary, because I dont have time to finish it and I am not a linguist who can finish it correctly. I found this website yet and I want to translate your dictionary to hungarian language. But the hompage where I can download I must pay for it so is it free or not? Beacause 9$ for us is a little bit much, could you send me these document in e-mail?
    Thx for your help

    With my best regards!
    Janos Csongradi-Sebestyen.
    On the website you find mee like Berem.


  2. Haggis says:

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    Just to tell you that you’re doing an amazing work here, and thanks for letting us learn more about this world that I’m sure a lor of people love (:
    Also, I would like to be added to the mailing list… please!!
    It’ll mean so much to me!
    Anyways, congrats for this great job here!
    Thanks! (:


  6. Mo says:

    I was wondering if I could be added to the mailing list? By the by, this is all astounding. My hat off to you, good sir.


  7. Kajetan says:

    Im intrestet about english-khuzdul dictionary but from this “” i cant download for free… Can you shere or send my this documents so i can try to learn more obout Khuzdul?

    PS: Im sory for my english becaouse im from Poland 😛


    • Hi there!
      I’ll see to send you the documents available, once these are updated (still working on those).
      And no worries at all about your English… your English is way better than my Polish (which starts and ends at “Na zdrowie!”) 🙂


  8. furion says:

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    Well done for the work and effort you put into Khuzdul. Really good stuff you have here. Would appreciate it if you could add me to the mailing list too.

    Akminruk zu.


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  12. Karg says:

    I must say, I do so admire dwarves, and your determination and perseverance to preserving their language. Might I be able to get the dictionaries?


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  16. Zigil says:

    I think there is a misprint in Rules to form verbs Document. At 12V) says “copy the vowel and place it between 2nd and 3rd rad.”, but the example is 1u2sh -> 12ish (kursh->krish). The correct sentence is “remove the vowel and add an “i” between 2nd rad and “sh”, is it?

    Thanks for this amazing site, I’m doing my best to learn khuzdul with your lessons 🙂


    • To be honest, since I published those documents (June last year) I’ve made so many updates to them it would be highly recommended to wait for the updates before you proceed. At the time I created a “system” that would allow for all of Tolkiens khuzdul language mechanisms, though looking back, it seemed very limited and provided challenges for expansions. Hence most of this “system” has been adapted and updated since.

      So, apologies the updates are taking a bit longer than scheduled, but I promise that it will be worth the wait. 🙂


  17. Flávia Santos says:


    Can you add me to the mailing list for the Khuzdul documents? i would be very grateful. Continue the awesome work love the youtube channel very helpfull =). thank you =)


  18. Natalie says:

    I didn’t even know such wonderful thing existed, but now I’m so eager to learn! I started learning Quenya ten years ago, but Khuzdul? I never even dared to hope… You’re doing an amazing, outstanding work here, thank you so much!


  19. Larin says:

    I found that I like learning languages, I’m currently teaching myself Japanese and will be starting Mandarin Chinese later this year. Recently I got hooked into Tolkien’s works and thought it’d be really fun to learn Khuzdul as well. I already posted for the updated dictionary, when you have it, and didn’t realize you had grammar documents as well. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could I be added to the mailing list for these documents too? You’re an amazing person for doing this, thank you.


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    Perfect. Well done Kandral!
    I am looking forward to get a little “present” from you in my mail :o)
    (Everything you’ve got: Dictionaries, Lessons, Encyclopaedia, Tools … will be highly appreciated)

    Truly amazing work! By the most congenial obsessed person I have ever met.
    I have never thought if learning Khuzdul, I was always thinking about Sindarin or Quenya.
    But now, with your thorough and neat work, it is more likely that I will be speaking Khuzdul before the other two. Cheers!


    • Cheers.

      Doing my best to finally put the finishing touches on the documents in question.
      My PC is still in the shop for the moment though, so will have to wait a bit longer.
      Though rest assured they are on their way. 🙂


  30. Anahkemar says:

    Could I be added to the mailing list? I find developed fantasy languages fascinating and have already started learning Quenya and Sindarin. Khuzdul would be a great addition to my linguistics exploits. Thanks!


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