Friends and Affiliates

Here you will find links to site of friends and friendly websites that have linked to me (affiliates). Do let me know if you post a link to this site and I’ll be sure to link yours here too.


REALELVISH.NET – Learn Elvish? Look no further…

This site truly offers you all you need to know on Sindarin and Quenya.


HEIRS OF DURIN – get the latest on the Dwarves of Durin’s Line…

A site jam-packed with info on the Dwarves (mainly on the cast of The Hobbit Movies, though not exclusively)


THE ROLLING KEGS – THE Dwarven Music Band

The most awesome Dwarven Music Band on LoTRO (Laurelin), lead by yours truly.


DURIN’S FOLK – THE Dwarven Kinship on LoTRO (Laurelin)

Mature Dwarf-only RP-Kinship with ceremonial uniforms, RP ranks, kin house, regular events and a friendly, helpful environment. Events are military drills; Khuzdul Lessons, Tavern Games; the Dwarrow Ting, multi-week campaigns, etc…



The Tablets of Khazadgund will provide you news, trade info, notices, recipes, art, entombment information and a dwarf events calendar. Everything you would expect from a newspaper basically


more to follow….

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