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Goal! By Thorin Oakenshield

With the FIFA World Cup about to kick off I thought this might be an excellent idea for a bit of Middle Earth trivia about football.   For those of you outraged at the very idea that I dare mention … Continue reading

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Durin! And the winner is…

In a not so distant past I launched a contest to label a true Dwarven ale with the Deathless name of “Durin!”. I asked artists (and beer-lovers alike) to design a front and back label for this delicious ale, and … Continue reading

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LoTRO: Harnkegger Games (2013 Edition)

EVENT on the LAURELIN SERVER ————————————-   Hail and well met! As the end of summer comes within reach, the Dwarves of Khuzd Belkul and Durin’s Folk and the good Hobbits of the Shire Angling Club will together host the … Continue reading

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Of the Seven Clans of Dwarves

Some use the term “clan” for many things… in dwarven terms it means their lineage… nothing more. Which means that it can only be used to refer to the 7 clans (Longbeards, Firebeards, Broadbeams, Ironfists, Stiffbeards, Stonfoots and Blacklocks). Many … Continue reading

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Aglâb Khuzdul ?

    So you are a lotro Dwarf that likes a bit of RP, but don’t speak any khuzdul, apart from the battle-cry “Baruk Khazâd, Khazâd ai-mênu”.  Though there is a decent amount of neo-khuzdul available (on this blog for … Continue reading

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Shameless Insult or Kind Gesture ? (Iglishmêk)

If ever – on your travels in the eriador – you would run into a group of dwarves that seem to be shamelessly insulting each other with awfully rude hand gestures… think again… you might be looking at a dwarven … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Dwarrow Scholar

Welcome to the Dwarrow Scholar ! This site is designed for a variety of people, that wish to learn more about the dwarves as written in the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. Whether you are a Lotro RP-er with a dwarven-character … Continue reading

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