LotRO Neo-Sindarin Plugin

The Neo-Sindarin LotRO plugin

Version 1.0 (5/22/2016)

The Neo-Sindarin plugin is an exciting new tool for LotRO RP-ers that wish to immerse themselves in the language of elves.

Neo-Sindarin Plugin


When we made available the Neo-Khuzdul (Dwarvish) plugin last year it did not take long before requests came in for an Elvish version of the plugin.  The convenience of the Neo-Khuzdul plugin for Dwarf-RPers was clear, as for many it gave them a new flavor to their RP.  As some RPers played both dwarf and elf characters in LotRO we wanted to ensure the elves got a similar luxurious treatment (…that’s just how nice we dwarves are).  So, I got together with my dear friends Simbo (who made the Neo-Khuzdul plugin) and Dreamingfifi from RealElvish.net and several months later (after creating the plugin, translating hundreds upon hundreds of lines and testing it for weeks on various operating systems) it was finally ready for the public.

About the translations.

Neo-Elvish expert Dreamingfifi of RealElvish.net translated hundreds of lines for this plugin, from your every day greetings, to more complex sayings.  Not only does it provide formal and informal alternatives, it gives you an option to speak either the Woodelven Sindarin (Mirkwood and Lothlórien) or Exilic Sindarin (West of the Misty Mountains) dialects.

How to install?

1) Download the zipped Neo-Sindarin plugin HERE / In case you wish to install both the Dwarvish (Neo-Khuzdul) AND Elvish (Neo-Sindarin) Plugin in one go, get the combined plugin folder HERE.

Downloads via Dropbox, yet NO account required to download.

2) Drop the unzipped “Simbo” folder in your Lord of the Rings Online “plugins” folder. In case you already have a plugin by Simbo (which you really should have to be honest), you’ll have to drop the contents of it into the already existing Simbo folder.

How to use?

Like the Neo-Khuzdul Plugin Simbo has really done a fantastic job to make a wonderful user-friendly LotRO plugin.

When you get started there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The lines themselves will clearly indicate the target gender, so unlike the Neo-Khuzdul Plugin, the line itself will specificity your target audience, so no additional selection is required.
  • Some lines may contain one or two  “___” fields to enter a name, feel free to type what you wish to say in the designated boxes.
  • The tool comes with a formal/informal selection, sort button, hide/show additional info and hide translation feature.
  • Ensure you have the right channel selected in “output channel”: say, kinship, fellowship, raid or one of the personal user channels, before pressing the “say” text balloon.

This plugin is meant for mature RPers that have an affinity with lore, and respect the RP community. It goes without saying that this is not to be used for spamming your fellow RPers.


Some things to note:

  • The plugin is at present only available in English, yet other versions can be made (those interested in translating the English text to German or French, don’t hesitate to let us know).
  • The plugin has been tested on both Mac and Windows 7 and up versions. If you run into problems with these or other operating systems, please let us know.