Zai dashunizu! (At your service!) – 2013 Updates

For those that might think I have forgotten about the affairs of the dwarves, fear not!

In fact, you could not be further from the truth! 🙂

As in the last weeks and months I’ve been tremendously busy updating all the neo-khuzdul documents (with brand new “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” material).

In addition The Hobbit movie has really kept me busy as I’ve received a ton of emails from friendly and eager enthusiast wanting to pick up the language of our dwarrow friends.

To all of you that have sent me emails… thank you so much.  And yes, I’ll soon publish all the new documents and you’ll get them in your mailbox in a neat little package – a grand thanks to David Salo (linguist on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”), consider it a late Christmas gift 😉

® & ™ 2012 Warner Bros, Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

® & ™ 2012 Warner Bros, Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

– for those Khuzdul enthusiasts that haven’t yet “signed up”, no worries… just drop a reply on this post and I’ll add you to the list.

Finally, there is more from The Dwarrow Scholar still to come in the weeks and months ahead… including a massive project that will surely please all dwarven fanatics! (stay tuned!)

Now, for those that have a hard time waiting for all of this juicy content, I would like to point you in the direction of the monthly Khuzdul lessons I provide via LotRO (Laurelin Server), for dwarves only (obviously 😉  )

This week’s Khuzdul lesson will provide a new twist on our monthly lessons.

For the first time, we are going beyond our class room and will see to use Khuzdul while exploring the world around us.

It goes without saying that we must only use the ancient tongue of the seven fathers when dwarves are around, hence our exploration will focus on the dwarrow lands of Ered Luin.

Not only will we practice our Khuzdul, in addition we will learn new words, numbers and verbs by playing games while we explore the grand lands of the Blue Mountains.

All dwarves, of all kinships, are welcomed at the Gates of Thorin’s Hall, at 3 past the noon ((3PM LotRO Server time – 8PM UK Time – 9PM Central European Time)) on Friday 11th of January.

Those not on Laurelin, merely create yourself a dwarven character on the server and you’ll be most welcome.  In game questions can be directed to “Kandral”  –  See you there!

May your beard continue to grow longer!

About The Dwarrow Scholar

The Dwarrow Scholar first experienced the brilliance of Tolkien when he received a copy of The Hobbit from his uncle as a kid, reading it feverishly again and again. Some years on, when he got his very own walk-man (aye forget about tiny phones, this thing was a brick and played cassette tapes) he made his own little audiotape of The Hobbit, so he could listen to it on his bike on his way to school. Between reenacting the Battle of Five armies with 4 of his school friends (still feel sorry for the kid that had to be the Orc) and before the days of the internet, you would find Roy frequently in libraries trying to find all he could about Tolkien and his beloved dwarves. When Roy isn’t delving into Neo-Khuzdul or searching for lost dwarvish treasures on the net he’s enjoying time with his wife and son, re-reading his tormented Tolkien paperbacks, watching a good movie, learning new languages or playing a game of LoTRO or other dwarf related games.
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101 Responses to Zai dashunizu! (At your service!) – 2013 Updates

  1. Isa says:

    add me please too


  2. Isa says:

    Add me please too
    and you have my respect for all the work


  3. Emrhys says:

    Please add me 🙂


  4. Nicholas says:

    Please add me


  5. J. says:


    Could you please add me to the list? Thank you very much~!


  6. Bron says:

    I want in! I need to learn!!

    Please sign me up!

    Wait, no charge right?


  7. Jesse says:

    Add me to the list to. I would love learn more!!!


  8. Ursäl Melhek says:

    Hello again, I would love to be added to this list so please add me.


  9. Cleigh says:

    I will learn too! Add me if you will!

    Thank you!


  10. Avlor says:

    Sounds splendid! I’d love a copy! cloudlake (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂


  11. Lyrian says:

    Sign me up too please, from what little I’ve seen of them on Scribd, these look stunning!


  12. Leroy says:

    I would love the receive the documents! count me in!!


  13. Cinthia McCulley says:

    I would love the docs also — thanks! Just found your site.


  14. Bogdan says:

    Count me in, I love neo-Khuzudul!


  15. Lex says:

    Is there still a chance to get put on this list? I’d love, am eager, and finally have time, to learn.


  16. Joey says:

    I would definitely like to get on this list too… this is awesome


  17. Matt Fry says:

    Please add me to the list for the free version 😀


  18. Aidan Girt says:

    I would love to be added to this list also, email:
    Many thanks


  19. twitch says:

    I am terribly interested in the pdf-files, if they are still available! I think this is incredibly fascinating! 😀

    If I may be so bold, can you send them to me?


  20. CID QUINTANA says:

    This is great, sign me up.

    e-mail :


  21. bill acheson says:

    I’m an amateur fan of constructed languages, and would love to get a copy of your pdfs about Khuzdul. My email (remove the – characters).
    Thank you


  22. Mizuki says:

    I’m hoping you’re still emailing put the PDFs cause they sound very interesting.


  23. NecroM says:

    I hope you’re still doing this, I’d love to be on the list!


  24. David says:

    Hi! Great work, I would love to have copies of your works and study a lot more on Khuzdul language. Please sign me up 🙂 Thank you.


  25. Cumehtar says:

    We are going to have a Tolkien LARP and my company of dwarves would be delighted to have your dictionary in workable form.
    Please, sent it to i_gaffar (at)


  26. Nanumay says:

    Are you still doing this because I like a copy.


  27. YaddaYaddah says: please 😀


  28. Glenn Irvine says:

    Sign me up!


  29. madwriter223 says:

    Hello, I’d really appreciate it if you added me to the list. I’d love to have your English-Khuzdul dictionary, it’s masterfully done. ^_^
    My mail is


  30. Thaissa says:

    I don’t know if this is still being updated, but I’d love to be signed up for it.

    Thank you. 🙂


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